Two ESU Wrestlers Nationally Ranked


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The East Stroudsburg University Wrestling is gearing up for their upcoming season, which begins on November 17.

With two nationally ranked wrestlers, on their roster, ESU will be looking to build off of their 2012-2013 season that saw the Warriors finish 6-12

With their 47th Annual ESU Open on November 17, the team is practicing hard for the upcoming season with hopes of furthering their team ranking.

But two individuals on the team have high hopes for themselves as well.

Brendan McKeown is a redshirt senior in his first year as a graduate student at ESU.

When he isn’t wrestling he’s studying for his master’s degree in management and leadership in public administration, or working as a graduate assistant for the Student Conduct office.

Since he’s been wrestling since seventh grade, he tends to feel at home when he wrestles with the team at 174 pounds. Brendan is ranked in fifth place nationally and holds many different titles including All American, and Capital One Academic All American.

Brendan hopes to further his wrestling career this season by becoming the NCAA Champion.  He also hopes to be a Capitol One Academic All American as well.

Even with his wrestling goals he keeps his academics in sight as well, with goals of attaining a 4.0 GPA and admission into law school at the University of Albany.

When asked what keeps Brendan striving for greatness he said, “Fate is what befalls a man who fails to act, and destiny is for men who refuse to accept their failures as their fate. That’s my favorite quote by Lamar Wyatt, it reminds me to keep going toward greatness.”  McKeown isn’t the only nationally ranked member of the wrestling team.

Braden Turner, like McKeown, is a redshirt senior, and is pursuing a degree in early childhood education.

With plans to graduate soon, he hopes to make this season his best yet.  Turner is nationally ranked in eighth place, wrestling at 157 pounds.

Being on the mat is second nature to Barden who’s been wrestling since he was in first grade.

Braden plans to make this season unforgettable for himself and his team.  He hopes to place at nationals this year, which is a goal that seems to be in sight.

The ESU wrestling team is full of potential.  They plan to show that potential this year and hope to gain more recognition on our campus.

The two nationally ranked wrestlers hope to continue winning matches and work to achieve their goals of placing at the NCAA nationals this year.

This season seems to be promising and the wrestling team is one to keep an eye on. The wrestlers themselves are also optimistic about the upcoming season. “Expect big things from ESU wrestling,” Braden Turner said.


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