Comedian Josh Rabinowitz Visits ESU

SC Staff Writer

Josh Rabinowitz, Comedy Central’s “Comic to Watch” visited ESU, bringing his raunchy, self-deprecating comedy to the Abeloff stage on Friday, November 8.

The 25 year-old comedian was hired by the Warriors Women’s Lacrosse Team as a way to fundraise for the organization.

The event, which cost $10.00 a ticket, featured a lackluster opening act, an odd rap by the lacrosse coach, and Rabinowitz, who was featured on Comedy Central’s “Live On Campus Tour” and “College Humor Live.”

He also played Kent on MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back,” had a guest appearance on FX’s “Louie,” and will be on “Adam Devine’s House Party.”

Rabinowitz’s act used lots of interesting anecdotes, self-depreciating jokes, raunchy debauchery, and clever talk back with the audience.

A funny moment occurred when one of the audience members coughed in a strange way, and that became the inside joke of the night.

One of his anecdotes included a story about how an older woman asked him to help her even older mother up after she had fallen.

Trying to be a nice guy, he agreed to help and followed said woman inside her house and down to the basement.

Throughout the entire walk-through, Rabinowitz could not help thinking that the situation was creepy and that he just walked into the den of a serial killer.

In the end, the woman’s mother really did fall, and he helped her up and ran out of there.

In another joke, Rabinowitz talked about how he looked like he is very young, but he has a hairy chest.  He joked that when women see him, they cringe at how hairy his chest is.

One of the audience members suggested that he prove it to the audience, but alas he did not.

The rest of the act brought sexual issues to light, giving them his own geeky spin.

One of his jokes talked about how men, whether they are gay or straight, are all the same.  They just want the same thing.

Though the show was supposed to start at 8 PM, it started half an hour later, which disappointed many.

Also, another comedian took the stage in the opening act, but some thought he was not as funny as he could be.

Coach Aaron Jaffe performed a rowdy and slightly inappropriate rap, showcasing another side of the lacrosse coach.

Jaffe’s performance worked well with the light atmosphere of the night.

Rabinowitz’s jokes were crude and embarrassing, but also hilarious and entertaining.

The comedian was not shy about telling the viewers way too much information about himself, but it worked well with the rest of his material.

Hopefully the university will be able to host more of these kinds of shows because everyone enjoyed the show.

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