ESU’s Newest Organization

SC Contributing Writer

Many students that have been affected by the retrenchment have banded together to start the formation of a new club on campus.

The group, Students for Public Higher Education, strives to promote a healthy administrative-student relationship, as well as fight for the educational rights of all students to get a comprehensive college degree and experience.

They also hope to make positive strides when it comes to funding of the PASSHE school system, at both the immediate level on campus, and at the State level. As of right now, there is an executive board of students working to form the group, and make it a university recognized club. At the meetings, the formation of the constitution for the club is discussed as well as fund raising and activism ideas.

As of right now, the group has plans to attend a PASSHE rally in Harrisburg, as well as collaborative writing to legislature, and a possible jazz benefit concert to help support the music program and other affected departments here at ESU. The students involved with the formation are Lauren Stuber, Emily fox, Sarah Khan, and myself. The faculty advisor for the group will be Dr. Allan Benn.

Meetings are held weekly, tentatively in the Upper Union.

For more information or to sign up for the group, you can email or sign up with Dawn in the English Department. If you cannot make the meetings, email the group at the email address stated above, and you will be sent minutes via a PDF file discussing exactly what we plan to do and what has been discussed at the last meeting.

Some students have heard about the group already on campus, and have gotten the wrong idea about what the group is actually about.

As a clarification, this group is not Students against President Welsh or the Administration, we are Students for Higher Education and we hope to work together as a whole to fix the situation at hand.

We can make a positive change for the greater good if we all work together!

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