Ryan Stevens Wins School Board Position



East Stroudsburg University Senior, Ryan Stevens, won a spot on East Stroudsburg School District’s School Board on November 5, 2013.

“His victory at the polls reflects the faith his community has in him as a young individual, and a leader ready to make a positive impact,” said ESU student, Margaret Barksdale. “He’s quiet and well-reserved, but knowledgeable. He’s absolutely a leader.”

As a member of the school board, Stevens wants to open up the line of communication between the faculty and the school board. “Since, I only graduated three years ago, my perspective is closely related to the student’s perspectives. I’ll be able to improve and refine the quality of their education, because I still have a rather clear recollection of the curriculum and the ups and downs of East Stroudsburg School District’s educational system,” said Stevens.

In addition to being a local politician, Stevens is involved at East Stroudsburg University. He is the co-founder of ESU’s College Republican’s Club. “It did not exist. I wanted students to get involved politically and I wanted to do my part as a member of the Monroe County Republican Committee,” said Stevens.

Through this organization students have the opportunity to openly discuss their political beliefs, and attend local political events—like the Monroe County Republican Committee’s Fall Luncheon. “I’m happy for him. He’s young and has new ideas for the school board—which is much needed for the East Stroudsburg School District.  Since I met him at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration I knew he would accomplish great things,” said ESU student, Tyler Day.

Stevens is also the vice president of ESU’s German Club. Students have the opportunity to work on the study of German language, and the planning of events. The club just held its annual Oktoberfest; they supplied food, played German music, and invited all to join in the festivities.

It was at East Stroudsburg South High School, in his AP Government class that Stevens’ political future showed its first spark. Then when he began his political science courses at ESU. He was introduced to a wide array of options for his career, and decided to focus on local politics.

When Stevens reflected on his success at the polls, he made a point to express his gratitude for all who believed in him, and gave support throughout the year prior to his big election. “Now, since everyone helped to get me to my newest position as school board member, it’s time to give back. The goal throughout the rest of my life is to help and serve my community, in whatever capacity I can,”  Stevens said. “ I’m excited to begin my political journey with my local community where I have lived for over 11 years, and attended schools that helped to shape me into the person I am today. “

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