Tension at Senate Meeting


Managing Editor

Tensions between ESU Administrators and the faculty union rose at the University Senate meeting Monday, November 18, 2013.

President Welsh outlined her expectations for general education requirement revisions.

“I look forward to hearing your conversations, and sincerely wish the conversations were more open—campus-wide conversations rather than closed APSCUF meetings,” said Welsh.

President Welsh called for unity on campus.

“I have tremendous respect for the hard work and quality of the majority of the faculty,” said Welsh.

“The constant battle that is portrayed between the faculty and the administration has gone on far too long.  It’s time to call a peace and to work together for the future of ESU,” said Welsh

Later, APSCUF Chapter President Dr. Nancy VanArsdale presented a report to the senate outlining the faculty’s faith in President Welsh as a leader.

APSCUF leadership conducted a survey via SurveyMonkey.com from November 5 to November 11 allowing faculty and coaches to respond to the statement, “Dr. Marcia Welsh is an effective President of East Stroudsburg University.”

Of the 346 faculty, 191 responded to the anonymous survey.

5.2 percent of faculty agreed with the statement.

2.6 percent strongly agreed.

5.8 percent were undecided.

21.5 percent disagreed with the statement.

64.9 percent strongly disagreed with the statement.

The survey was in response to Dr. Welsh’s first year at ESU and was also at the request of the Council of Trustees.

“We do feel we are at a serious crossroads in the history of East Stroudsburg University,” said Dr. VanArsdale.

On November 21, “The Stroud Courier” printed that the survey conducted by the APSCUF faculty union regarding President Welsh’s leadership was “in response to Dr. Welsh’s first year at ESU and was also at the request of the Council of Trustees.”  This was not the case. The request from the Council of Trustees was that the APSCUF faculty union leadership participate in the evaluation process of President Welsh.  Leaders among the APSCUF faculty union decided to conduct the survey as a part of the review process.

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