“Change” is Coming


SC Staff Writer 

On December 8 at 4 PM, the Christmas Spectacular, “Change,” will be taking place in Stroudsburg at the Sherman Theater.

Change” is a show about a quarter that comes to life around Christmas time.  The setting of the show is called Stroudsville, and yes, this is a pun on the town of Stroudsburg.

The quarter, in the spirit of Christmas, brings actual change to the town by filling the hearts of the town’s citizens with joy and kindness—even for those who don’t initially exhibit the Christmas spirit.

ESU alumnus, Robin Smith, and her sister Kim, co-authored the musical in 2008 when it was first performed at the Labor of Love Church in East Stroudsburg.  They are also actresses in the show, Robin plays Claire, a worker in the local coffee shop, Starcups, and Kim plays the quarter, Change, who brings change to the town.

Three years ago, the show’s venue changed to the Sherman Theater in order to accommodate the growing number of people attending it.

State Representative Mario Scavello, has attended every performance since its first showing in 2008.

In one of his “Legislative Reports” shown on YouTube, Rep. Scavello commented on it saying, “The show, in my mind, teaches people on the reason for Christmas.”

In the interview with Rep. Scavello, Robin and Kim emphasized the importance of change around the holiday season.

Kim stated that the character Change represents the magical feeling or the spirit of Christmas, and that it touches the hearts of people.

Change” is connected to the Stroudsburg area in other ways.

Many ESU students participate in its production.

Some of the cast members include Jameel Seymour, who is in his third year playing the town sheriff, Faith Robinson and James Ward who play the two town bums, Amanda Rooks who plays a townsperson, Stacy Jo Palek plays the mayor, and Danielle Tretola plays the mayor’s assistant.

Brook Wadle, a senior at ESU, helps with the sound production for the show.

ESU’s Contemporary Dance Team will also be performing in the show.

In an nterview with Robin, she spoke about ESU’s student involvement.

“What’s so cool is the talent that’s at East Stroudsburg,” she said.

She also indicated that out of all the ESU students participating in the production, none of them are acting or theater majors, so the show is a good outlet for people in the community to come out and show their talent.

When recommending others to go out and see the production, Rep. Scavello said, “It’s absolutely a phenomenal show.”

Change” is a Christmas show open to all ages and celebrates this special time of the year as the holiday season begins.

Regular admission is $15, and $12 for children ten and under.

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