Deck the Halls…With Rock & Roll


SC Staff Writer

On December 12, 2013, Twelve-Twenty-Four will be visiting the Sherman Theater for the second time during Christmas time.

Christmas music can be kind of an ear sore after so many times hearing the same Jingle Bells rendition, but Twelve Twenty-Four orchestra puts a new spin on it with rock and roll.

With the release of their second album, “Light in the Dark,” Twelve-Twenty Four, the rock orchestra is ready to bring their high energy, holiday sound with a twist to our part of town.

Their second album is of course Christmas oriented, but is also a crossover album that is sure to be played all year round.

On behalf of the Sherman Theater, Kyle Kuczma says there will be the familiar Christmas hits along with their own originals.

Originating in 2002, Twelve- Twenty- Four display a narrated story line with a family-friendly atmosphere for all ages to enjoy.

The orchestra is comprised of a five-piece string section, a six-member rock band, six lead vocalists, a narrator, and Angel.

Twelve Twenty-Four draws their inspiration from the famous Trans Siberian Orchestra and has used this inspiration to create a Christmas world for their audience.

The members include a handful of talented musicians all around Pennsylvania including Jason Santos on keyboard and vocals, Dan King on cello, Christina Barnes on the violin, and Mallory Diltz on vocals.

I can remember turning on the radio around Christmas time, and hearing the guitar notes of Trans Siberian Orchestra—to have a band like Twelve Twenty-Four be able to capture that magic is awesome.

Who doesn’t love Santa Claus and all things Christmas with a little attitude?

The tickets are on sale now for $22 on Sherman Theater’s website and the doors open at 6:30 PM with show time at 7:30 PM.

Also, this concert is coordinating with the Monroe County Homeless Initiative, so bring any unwanted canned goods or clothes to donate.

Anything is appreciated.

According to Kuczma, the Sherman Theater uses the concert as a platform for a fundraising opportunity for the organization.

“We look at groups focused on issues happening in Monroe County,” said Kuczma.

“The Monroe County Homeless Initiative has been growing over the last year and is making strides to address the issue of homelessness and we wanted to help them get to the next level in their mission.”

With that being said, get your tickets now, grab some canned foods, and don’t miss this Christmas concert to kick start your holiday season!

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