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ESU Dining Services has been working diligently to provide meals for the entire student body, each trying to catch the eye of all the hungry students with their exciting and well-prepared meals.

A recent tour of Dansbury Commons revealed how sanitary and efficient our dining services actually are.  Our staff is constantly operating to meet the needs of the large crowd of professors, students, and guests.  They even order food daily to ensure a fresh meal.  Many offer fan-favorites and often attempt to present different specials and international meals at Dansbury Commons.

Location is important when it comes to eating on the ESU campus—when asked where students prefer to eat daily, Center Court seems to be the answer.

While that may be the most popular, Dansbury Commons offers fresh food made daily for you  by the incredible dining staff— so stop by!

To improve your dining experience at ESU, you are encouraged to share your opinions, comments, and/or suggestions by filling out a comment card before exiting Dansbury Commons.  Stay tuned for more articles about campus dining!

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