How to Conquer Finals Week


SC Staff Writer

The semester coming to an end is bittersweet for many. Students feel satisfied, excited, and worried.

Many students find themselves in a mental fluster at the end of the semester because of finals. The stresses of finals week have a tendency to weigh in on them.

In tackling finals week, it is important that your stress levels are minimized—the less stress you have during finals week, the better off you will perform on exams.

As finals week quickly approaches, here are a few quick tips you may find useful in reducing stress:

Manage Study Time

The thought of taking finals may feel overwhelming—especially if majority of your grade in the class is dependent on the final exam.

Additionally, some finals are cumulative—they test your knowledge on materials covered in the entire semester.

There is no need to worry. Find out each class you have a final exam, and map out times in your day to study.

Look over the information given in previous study guides and exams and see what you already know.

Focus on the areas that you need to refresh your memory on.

Don’t Over Study

A common problem college students have is over-studying. Many students feel uncomfortable with being tested from memory, so they study more than needed.

If you feel your eye muscles beginning to strain, or feel a headache coming, take a study break.

It is okay to take a break while studying as long as you regain focus.

A brief study break may be the boost needed to keep you going.


For many students, finals week means pulling all-nighters.

Although this may get you thegrade you desire, it is not healthy for your body.

Sleep is important in order to allow the body and brain to function at a healthy rate.

In addition to affecting you physically, sleep also affects your ability to focus.

When taking finals, it is important that you are able to function at full capacity.

While pulling an all-nighter may work for some, others may not be so lucky. When you schedule your study time, actor in time for rest also.


You’ve spent the last couple days studying and preparing for finals. It is time to take the exam and you see a question that relates to what you study. You fill in the correct answer before handing in your exam,  and you go back to that question and change your answer. In changing your answer, you now have selected the wrong one.

Many students have found themselves in this situation.

When going into finals week, it is important that you go in with confidence.

If you put the time into studying, your first instinct on an answer is likely accurate.

Don’t second guess yourself.  Avoid going back changing your answers.

Take your exams with confidence, and do not let the stresses of finals take over.

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