Jake Miller at the Sherman


SC Contributing Writer

Walking into the Sherman Theater on November 19, the atmosphere felt young and alive.

Fans adored the stage just waiting for the show to begin.

Dancing to no music and cheering without a cause, you could sense this was going to be a good night.

Looking around you would observe fans of different ages, genders,  and races, wearing fatigues and waiting for Jake Miller to join his “Millertary.”

The energy was high and the music was loud.  Jake Miller was only in the building and not on stage yet.

The party was just getting started with the opening acts Air Dubai and Action Item.

From Denver Colorado, hyping up the crowd was the up and coming Air Dubai.

They came out with so much energy as the audience, their “flight crew,” danced and bounced around.

Playing their hit songs, “Dance with the Devil” and “All Day” Air Dubai are a band to watch.

Joining Jake Miller on his “Us Against Them Tour,” Air Dubai are promoting their new album “Warning,” expected to be released early 2014.

Air Dubai thanked all the fans stating, “We love you guys, you are everything to us, and we are so thankful for you.”

Playing for about twenty minutes, Air Dubai promised fans to meet them in the lobby for pictures and autographs.

Like a drum line at a Friday night high school football game, Action Item was next to play and their first song was called “Marching Band.”

As they sung at the top of their lungs and beat on their drums, Action Item had the theater jumping.

As they sang about their hearts beating over a girl, “I know you’re out there,” Action Item had hands bouncing in the air as the crowd swayed from left to right.

Just releasing their new album , “The World and I,” Action Item joins the tour promoting and performing for admiring fans.

The crowd went wild after they stated, “we want to meet all our fans.”

After their set, Action Item came out into the crowd for pictures with fans while waiting for Jake Miller to come out on stage.

Now ladies and gentlemen the moment we have all been waiting for.

Just a day after signing with Warner Brother Records, Jake Miller takes the stage at the Sherman Theater.

Jake came bursting out from behind stage to “Collide” with his passionate fans!

After his first song, Jake stated, “Stroudsburg Thank you so much for your warm welcome! This is my first time here but it will not be my last, I can tell that already. I just want to apologize for misspelling Stroudsburg in all my tweets today.”

And with that being said, Jake continued with the show playing crowd favorites such as, “Runnin” and  “Hollywood.”

Jake then introduced his team, Kevin Smart, 17, a senior who is not having a typical senior year joining Jake  on his tour and another team member on stage with Jake was DJ Joe G., a manager for Chase bank who decided he rather roll with Miller than the bank tellers.

Then the moment all the females in the crowd have been waiting for, Jake was going to play “My Couch.”

During this song, Jake pulls out a couch on stage and picks one lucky lady to join him. Jake serenades the lady of the night as they take pictures and sing together.  Many fans have huge elaborate signs showing their love for Jake and pleading to sit on his couch.

As the night slowly winds down, Jake plays for the crowd his favorite song.

Jake said, “This song truly comes from my heart, it is my favorite and I need to start performing it more, can I perform  it for you guys?”

The crowd went wild as the blue lights hit the stage and Jake started to play “A Million Lives.”

This song was written for all Jake’s fans, unlike some celebrities, Jake realizes the impact he has on the youth of America and this song talks about the millions of lives he hopes to touch.

Jake Miller came out after his show, for an encore performance with his song, “I’m Alright.”

As the house lights came on, you could see Jake Miller had touched lives that night– young girls who just experienced their first concert, teenage girls who had fallen in love, boys who idolized Jake, and even moms who enjoyed feeling seventeen again.

He promised to be back at the Sherman Theater, so if you are looking for a fun night out, forgetting all your troubles, feeling young and alive then come enjoy the music Jake Miller is performing just for you.

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