NBS Fall Induction Ceremony


SC Contributing Writer

On Friday, November 22, Beers Lecture Hall hosted the fall induction ceremony for the National Broadcasting Society (NBS). The ceremony was led by a group of ESU students, dressed in suits, ties, skirts, and dresses.

The NBS was founded last year by Julian Costa, and it has already seen an incline in its membership. About 35 members were present, including officers, and many brought close friends and relatives to witness the ceremony.

At 5:30 PM, the lights dimmed and two candles were lit, one red and one green. The ceremony began with the President, Colin Passman, walking up to the wooden podium to speak.

Colin addressed each of his members in attendance, and then began to explain the five pillars for which the NBS stands.  Each of the next five speakers discussed a pillar.

These speakers were vice president Miller Holmes, secretary Kevin O Keefe, treasurer AJ Ferreira, alumni and professional coordinator Julian Costa, and advisor Dr. Beth Sockman.

The next invited speaker was Dr. Annie Mendoza from Bloomsberg University who spoke about a “New Era” of electronic media, and how a media project gets done.

Colin Passman asked all potential members to rise. One by one, new members stepped to the front of the room to enter their name in to the official NBS registry.

When finished writing their name, the member was photographed while smiling and receiving a gentlemen’s handshake from the President.

After the signing, the members were asked to rise again and repeat a brief oath in unison, to conclude the last step of the members’ induction into the NBS.

Next, Dan Hagan, Chair of Extracurricular Affairs at ESU, spoke.

“The effort has been fantastic. This club has not disappointed me,” said Hagan.

Julian Costa, the founding member of the NBS, closed the ceremony by saying, “Choose quality in everything you do.”

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