The Wise Words of an ESU Senior


SC Contributing Writer 

Graduation spells stress, so here are a few tips to ensure the walk towards commencement does not lead to frustration and tears.

Aside from completing classes and making good grades, one of the most important things to remember is to stay in constant contact with your academic advisor. No question is trivial, so if you feel unsure about anything, ask.

Stay on top of DegreeWorks, and if you see a mistake, do not wait to address it.

Your major, minor, concentration, and required credits must be in order before enrollment services accepts your graduation application.

Do you have required extracurricular activities for your major? Do not wait until the last minute to complete them because, yes, your hair can turn gray even at twenty-two.

Pay attention to e-mails and know your deadlines.

Most importantly though, smile, breathe, and know that taking the time for yourself five minutes a day to regroup will maintain your sanity.

Try not to take everything on yourself. Utilize friends, family, counseling services, and professors for support.

Superman only exists in comic books, and even he has weaknesses.

If you plan on continuing to graduate school, know what you want to get out of it.

Grad school costs a lot, so do not waste your time because this is your future.

And if you need a break, take it.

Although stress accompanies graduation like jelly accompanies peanut butter, remember how good it will taste when you don that cap and gown, walk across that stage, and turn that tassel.

So, whether you plan to continue to grad school, work, or travel, you are almost there. Make a graduation checklist, finish those end of semester papers, and study for those finals. The last thing you want is an incomplete or failing grade holding you back.

Finally, give yourself some credit, and do not forget to enjoy yourself as well. Congratulations seniors!

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