Student Senate Gives Back


SC Contributing Writer

This weekend Student Senators planned around their schedules –between studying for finals and completing last minute projects— to spend their Saturday morning giving back to the families in the East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg Community.

East Stroudsburg University’s Student Senate hosted their 14 Annual Teddy Bear Drive. Senators’ time was consumed with buying, collecting, organizing, and wrapping toys for the children. A part of their collections included lightly used teddy bears to give away to the families.  Gifts were organized by ages and gender to assure that every child would receive a personal gift from Santa Claus.

This completely free event was a way for ESU students to give back to the community and spread joy during the holiday season.  Over 150 people were in attendance for the event. Hundreds of presents and teddy bears were donated by the student senators and the ESU community, and distributed to all of the children present at the event.  In addition to the toys that were distributed, families had the chance to win a raffle that included several items— including pre-lit Christmas trees and various holiday decorations.

This event was thoughtfully put together to entertain both children and their families.  While waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Claus to arrive to distribute gifts, the keystone room was utilized with different activities on each table and throughout the room.

Children were supplied with coloring materials, different instructions and help from senators to create different ornaments and decorations.  Senators introduced themselves to families, and played games and activities with their children.  Smiling and laughter filled the room as everyone anticipated the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Parents look forward to this event every year basking in all of the joy their children get from this day. The Student Senate plans to build on this tradition each year—in hopes of spreading joy during the holiday season.