How to conquer the winter blues


SC Staff Writer

It is undeniable that the winter weather has hit surface. As in more recent days, you may find yourself bundling up and taking extra precautions to stay warm.

The biting cold that the winter season brings forces many students to stay in and limits the opportunity to just enjoy the outdoors.

While for many students being indoors is fun and relaxing, some cannot stand being inside. Cold weather can cause many to feel blue or down in the dumps.

If you find yourself feeling down, perhaps some of these steps can help you get out of those winter blues.


Indoor gatherings

The weather outside may be frightful, but you and a group of friends can make the atmosphere delightful.

Invite a few friends over and play various games you all can enjoy.

Get your groove on with the dance Wii or challenge a friend in a card or board game. Everyone loves a good game of charades.

Add to the excitement by watching some flicks.

If you feel more prone to stay indoors during the winter, being around people you care about may help keep your spirits uplifted.


Explore the Outdoors

If you cannot stay inside, then go ahead and get out. The cold fresh air may be just what you need.

Get involved in some outdoor activities, perhaps even a sport like snowboarding.

Do not allow the cold weather to keep you from enjoying the outside world. Grab some friends and hit your local ice skating rink.

The winter can be full of good times and unforgettable memories. Take advantage of the winter wonder that may be just outside your doors.


Get fit

Many use the winter as a time to get fit.

Since everyone is bundled, you do not have to worry about anyone seeing that extra undesired weight you may be trying to get rid of.

You can use the winter as a time to exercise and get yourself down to a comfortable size.

Getting fit during the winter season may boost your self-esteem and give you that confidence to show off your improvements during the warmer months.


Plan ahead

With frigid temperatures possibly keeping you inside, you can plan for the season ahead.

Use the time you spend inside to make plans for spring and summer.

Book a day trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go, or begin saving up for your vacation.

Planning ahead will help you not to focus on those winter blues you may be experiencing.


Catch up on rest

With the winter season being here, you may use this season as the perfect opportunity to relax and catch up on some zzz’s.

Because it gets darker earlier, it should be easier for you to get a good night’s rest.

The cold weather has a tendency to make people feel sleepier than usual.

You may use this time to help your body get the rest that you may have been missing out on.

The winter blues won’t last forever. You just need to find a way to adapt to the winter weather.

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