Regan’s Remedies

Dear ESU student body,

Hello, and welcome back for the Spring 2014 semester at ESU. My name is Regan Hoerl, and I’m a senior graduating in December of this year.

Every year, the Stroud Courier is dedicated to writing student interest pieces and strive to have the Courier be well-known around campus.

With this in mind, I have suggested a small column dedicated to student’s questions, concerns, and troubles every week. This is my introduction of the Stroud Courier’s advice column.

What makes me so knowledgeable? I started my college adventure in the Fall of 2009 at Northampton Community College (NCC). Since then, I have completed two Disney College Programs in Orlando, Florida, five semesters at NCC, transferred to ESU, commuted, changed my major, and, quite possibly, have had many of the troubles and complications any student has had in their college career. I have been a tutor at The Writing Studio in the Kemp Library for three semesters now, and I often find many students questioning about professors and assignments.

My goal for this column is the ability to answer any question students may have.  I have experience in problematic roommates, absent-minded (possibly all around absent) group members, credit transferring troubles with Enrollment

Services, and those “how am I supposed to start this paper” problems.

My last suggestion is to write a question to my email provided below. Use a pseudonym if you’re embarrassed. I vow to give the most promising advice to the best of my abilities. Quite honestly, what have you got to lose?

Email Regan at: