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Do you have a roommate who gets on your nerves? Does he never wash his own dishes?

This comedic duo has taken everything that drives each of them nuts, put it into a three-part act, and took it on the road.

On January 25, the “Crazy Roomies” brought their act to Lenape Residence Hall.

The act began with Crazy Roomie number one, Oscar Collazos, who kicked off the show with a combination of raunchy humor, Hispanic jokes, and anecdotes about his new found New Yorker attitude.

Originally from Columbia, Collazos found himself in Plantation, Florida with an overprotective mother who, he joked, “put an amber alert out” when he stayed out all night at a party.

Finally, he made his way to the Big Apple where he met his current roommate and fellow comedic partner, Chris Clarke.

Collazos joked about the New York temperament and how he has become a typical angry New Yorker even while back at home with his mother in Florida.

Other stories include waiting tables for racist patrons, preparing for hurricanes in Florida versus New York, and more.

His impressions also added to the act and his quick-witted jokes about “Jesus” commenting on his act when his microphone emitted an unnatural sound, made an impression on the students of ESU.

Next up was Chris Clarke, a Connecticut native who brought his active style of humor to the stage equipped with soulful singing, smooth dance moves, cool accents, and patented phrases.

Some of his narratives involve his religious Jamaican mother listening to songs by Rihanna and Drake and turning them into Gospels, differences between the uptown and downtown of Harlem, trying to make ends meet in the “greatest city in the world,” and being a single father while trying to maintain his bachelor life.

A unique aspect of this duo act was a back-and-forth between the two roommates about the woes of being roommates.

Both guys each have issues with the other and watching them go at it kept the audience entertained.

ESU students could relate to these two normal guys who share some of the struggles with roommates as college students do.

Oscar Collazos and Chris Clarke together have a one-of-a-kind dynamic—yet they are very friendly and down-to-earth.

Learn more about Collazos and Clarke through their Instagram profiles, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts by searching Crazy Roomies.

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