Regan’s Remedies: February 6, 2014


SC Staff Writer


I am a junior here at ESU and a commuting student. Recently, I’ve met someone who I’ve taken an interest in, but he lives two hours away. The problem between us is not the distance. Lately, he’s stopped answering my texts and seems uninterested in a relationship. Should I continue to pursue a relationship, or should I end things completely with him?


Questioning relationship status


Dear Questioning Relationship Status,

I may sound like your mother when I say this, but this guy does not have your best interest in mind and you should let him go.

Being a student in college is hard enough when you have to make friends and complete all of your homework on time.

Not to mention, he’s two hours away. Long distance relationships, in my experience, only work for couples who have established a deep connection long before distance becomes a setback in their relationship.

I know one couple whose relationship has succeeded via long distance, but they both claim that it was never easy.

If you’re in college now, that means you’re smart and have goals. Don’t let some guy who doesn’t have his priorities straight keep you from having fun and being successful.


I have a best friend who is over a decade older than me in age. She has been there for me though thick and thin. Lately though, she’s been acting different. For example, she is always concerned when the weather is bad and offers for me to stay at her house. These sleepovers, often turn into weekly occurrences. She has become like a mother figure, and quite honestly, I do not answer to my parents as much as I answer to her. How do I tell her, politely, to back off?


BFF trouble


Dear BFF trouble,

These types of problems are always the hardest to answer.

Our relationships with friends are much more sensitive than relationships with parents, or dare I say it, boyfriends or girlfriends.

Be as sensitive towards her feelings as possible, but make sure you get your point across.

I recently had a fallout with one of my best friends, and although it didn’t end very well, I was honest with her about my feelings.

My advice, make sure your friend isn’t going through any problems of her own. Sometimes, when friends act out towards you, they are projecting their feelings about something major going on in their life. Ask her how things in her life are going, and then slowly introduce how you’ve been feeling to her.

She should be understanding if you show her that you care about her too.

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