Seven Netflix Shows Every College Student Should Watch


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With all of the pressures colleges put on the shoulders of their students, it’s nice to unwind on the weekends with TV shows, but the weekends don’t exactly play the best shows.

If you don’t have time to tune in to your favorite show, Netflix has you covered.

For a low price every month, you can watch all of the popular television shows, re-watch your favorite childhood show, or discover something new. Sometimes you can even learn a thing or two.

No matter your preference, these shows are both entertaining and may even have an educational value.



If you like religion, and/or ghost stories, “Supernatural” is the show for you.  Covering topics from Lucifer’s fall from grace and the four horsemen of the apocalypse to demons and ghosts, this show is for the lovers of horror and cute boys.  “Smallville’s” Jensen Ackles and “Gilmore Girl’s” Jared Padalecki are charming as brothers who battle the forces of evil.



For bio majors and crime buffs, Kathy Reich’s novels come to life in this detective drama.  The show is based on the anthropologically centered world of Temperance Brennan who acts as forensic anthropologist to the FBI alongside the sexy Special Agent Seeley Booth. Because the writer is an actual anthropologist, it is more accurate than most shows, but of course Hollywood takes its liberties.  In that case, it’s a great way to test your knowledge of the human body.  The great thing about this series is that you get the scientific world and the crime-solving world wrapped up into one neat package.  The eye-candy in the form of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel’s” David Boreanaz doesn’t hurt either.


“Once Upon a Time”

Do you love the fairy-tales Disney has provided you since your childhood? Then dive deeper into the stories you thought you knew through this fairy-tale inspired TV show.  The show takes place in Storybrook, ME, a fictional town created by Snow White’s Evil Queen as part of a curse to keep Snow White and Prince Charming from getting their happily ever after. To break the curse, Emma Swann must accept her role as the savior and finally believe in magic.


“Warehouse 13” 

This show is great for just about everyone.  Featured on the Syfy channel, this show is a great way to learn about history, science, literature and more.  The cast is lovable, funny, and heart-breaking at times and the artifacts they collect are memorable things that stand for the greatest moments in history.  This warehouse is full of wonder and mystery, from Lewis Caroll’s mirror into wonderland to Edgar Allen Poe’s mysterious journal and pen, this is a wild ride not for the faint of heart.

“Grey’s Anatomy” The world of doctors, love-triangles, and medical extremes is more for entertainment purposes but maybe some anatomical terms will stick when memorizing for your anatomy and physiology quiz.  The never-ending drama series never ceases to shock its audience and will provide that relief that you’ve been needing.


“New Girl” 

Learn to deal with those pesky roommates of yours by watching quirky and awkward Jessica Day as she learns to live with three single guys.  Through ups and downs this quartet finds ways live together and help each other through their hardships. Maybe you can pick up a few tips to surviving roommates.


“Lost Girl”

For another mythology lesson, a contemporary illustration centering on the myths themselves rather than outside parties like “Supernatural,” this Canadian based show is fun, sexy, and witty.  The story focuses around Bo, a succubus who finds out that she is part of a world hidden from humans. She is part of the Fae world, a species hidden among humans who all have unique talents.  Along with Russian sidekick, Kenzi, the girls fight Fae crime in a quest to find out where Bo came from. In this show you will learn different folklores from all over the world, like the tale about Baba Yaga, a Russian hag who eats young Russian girls.  Watch Bo’s journey from the beginning and follow along through all of her trials and tribulations.


“White Collar”

The cut-throat business of art forgery comes to life in this procedural show.  Get to know lovable art thief and high-end forger, Neil Caffery, who teams up with Detective Peter Burke of the White Collar Division in NYC’s FBI office.  Art majors might take an interest in this show, but sexy Matt Bomer is eye-candy for any major.

These are just some of the options Netflix has to offer and if they aren’t available to watch instantly, Netflix gives you the option of renting the dvds for as long as you need them.

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