The Harrisburg Internship Semester


SC Staff Writer

East Stroudsburg University student, Stephen Kozak, is participating in The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS) program this spring.

Kozak is a senior at ESU studying mathematics, chemistry, and economics. 13 other students from the PASSHE universities are participating in THIS.

THIS is a PASSHE sponsored internship program that allows students to work in different areas of the Pennsylvania government in addition to earning credits for the semester.

The Harrisburg Internship Semester program started in 1989 and has allowed over 500 students from PASSHE Universities the opportunity to work alongside state agencies and other parts of the state government.

In order to be a part of THIS, Kozak’s application was chosen by the school coordinator and he was then sent to interview with different agencies in Harrisburg. He was chosen to work at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in the executive public policy office.

Kozak’s responsibilities at work include attending senate and house sessions, attending agency meetings and internal meetings, reviewing legislation, conducting research, reviewing technical documents, site inspection of mines, natural gas fields, cost benefit analysis, public hearing, and more.

In addition to working full time for the DEP, Kozak must attend a three-hour seminar every week.

The seminar consists of listening to different speakers, discussing public policy through an academic perspective, and creating a large paper relating to the agency the student is in a specific policy within that agency.

Dr. Greenburg is overseeing the academic part of the program.

“THIS is an excellent program and a significant resource available to ESU students,” said Kozak. “I have had the unparalleled opportunity to meet and work with high level officials from all areas of state, local and federal government. I am confident that THIS will provide me with an experience that will not only benefit me during my internship, but also my whole life.”

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