BREAKING NEWS: President Welsh Wears Crocs!

President Welsh sporting her pink crocs. Photo credit / A Talented Editor
President Welsh sporting her pink crocs. Photo credit / A Talented Editor
President Welsh sporting her pink crocs.
Photo credit / A Talented Editor

Note to our readers: The “news” on this page is a result of creative collaboration with the editorial board, and is not to be taken seriously.

By A Concerned Fashionista

Late Tuesday afternoon, President Welsh was spotted on campus wearing—wait for it—crocs.

After so long advertising her personal style and obsession with fashionable heels, the news came as quite a shock to junior Sally Seashell.

“Wait, she wore what?!” exclaimed the shocked student.  “I don’t believe you.  I hope she’s okay.”

“Perhaps the stress has just gotten to her,” said a faculty member who wished to remain anonymous.

Whether it be stress or a new fashion statement, President Welsh’s choice has rocked the campus community.

After news broke on twitter, several students were seen on campus sporting the same brand—in a sick display of camaraderie and support.

“If President Welsh is wearing them, so will I,” said Jack Daniels, a senior Hospitality and Management major.

“She always knows what the best thing to wear is, and I’m not going to argue with this comfy choice.”

Some students, and even faculty, raised question to the practicality of wearing such a shoe when the winter weather was so present on campus.

“Maybe that’s why she’s calling so many snow days?” said Seashell.

“It’s not exactly easy to make your way around campus in crocs in the snow.  I’m not going to argue with her though; it was a great break and I’m glad I didn’t have to risk my life to get here.”

With this footwear development, some students wonder when the day will come that President Welsh will be spotted wearing a pair of ESU sweatpants, some flip flops, and a Warriors t-shirt.

“Maybe she’s trying to be more like us?” pondered one student.  “But then I don’t see why she chose crocs—they’re so ugly.”

Despite the wonderings, the facts remain the same.

President Welsh was spotted about campus wearing the gardening footwear, and the campus hasn’t been the same since.

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