Election Results



Student Senate general elections were held on Monday and Tuesday.

The elections were held to fill the spots of student senators that graduated in December or chose not to return for the spring semester.

The results were revealed on Tuesday night.

Originally there were four vacant spots on the Senate, but additional senators chose to resign.

“Fortunately and unfortunately, we have had additional senators choose to resign,” said Student Senate President Justin Amann. “This has opened the door for the final candidate to be sworn into office.”

The recent resignations made it possible for all five candidates in the running to earn positions on the Senate.

The five  positions available consist of one freshman representatives and four  at large senators.

Freshman Juan C. Rodriguez was elected to serve as the freshman representative.

“I give my fellow classmates a voice,” Rodriguez said in his personal statement.

Rodriguez was a member of his high school’s student council executive board.

“I have earned the experience that would make me a good fit for this position,” he said.

He is not the only candidate with some experience for the position he won.

Senior Kevin Skillton has held leadership positions in other campus organizations, and considers himself to be an “active” and “outgoing” student at the university.

“I have seen ESU go through many changes and have an understanding of how these changes affected the needs of the student body,” Skillton said in his personal statement. Senior Christy Cardillo believes she is “qualified” and has the voice to help the needs Skillton mentioned.

“I think my voice can make a huge difference and great impact on the student body and university as a whole,” Cardillo said in her personal statement.

Junior Robert Albano thinks that his criticism and motivation will also impact the university.

In his personal statement Albano described himself as “his own biggest critic,” but explained that he uses that constructive criticism as motivation to be better.

Albano related his position to his personal life, and said that  he has pushed himself “to keep moving things forward in my personal and public life.”

“I do not take any responsibility unless I am one hundred percent confident that I can fulfill the duties that are required to get the job done and then some,” he said.

As a political science major, sophomore Mary Haggerty is curious to see how responsibilities are fulfilled in the student body government.

“I really want to see how the government in my own student body works,” she wrote. “I really care about all the people that go here and work here and I would love to make a positive impact on the school.”

They will get the oppoortunity to see firsthand how the student government works.

All the candidates were elected Tuesday by default.

The candidates will be sworn in at the end of today’s Student Senate public meeting.  They will not get to vote until after they are sworn in.

“Elections are an exciting time for the Student Senate,” said Amann. “ I am confident that each of these newly elected representatives will fulfill their duties and serve as reputable senators for their constituents.”

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