Late Nite at the Rec: an ESU tradition


SC Staff Writer

A night of good wholesome fun is what you get when you attend ESU’s infamous Late Nite at the Rec.

This semester’s night of games was loaded with old-fashioned games, laser-tag, karaoke, Loom Bracelets, and Stuff-a-Plush—fun for any audience.

The Mattioli Recreation Center and it’s employees provided students a fun outlet where friends can gather and enjoy good music, great food, and entertainment that tests agility, precision, logic, concentration, and more.

The “nite” is not only enjoyable, but also a great way to strengthen your body and your mind.

Laser tag combines athleticism and strategy, while Jenga uses concentration and logic to assess your architectural skills.

Other games—such as Ultimate Frisbee—is a great way to use your reflexes, and precision while building on teamwork as well.

Some of the other games available were Kan Jam—a game where two players team up and verse another pair of players to throw a frisbee back and forth to get it into a bucket, Cornhole—where you attempt to throw a bean bag into a hole on a raised platform, Ladder Toss—where you throw a bola (two balls attached by a string) and try to get it to loop around a “ladder,” Wii Ice Skating, and more.

While some enjoyed the different sports available, others got creative with loom bracelets and Stuff-a-Plush.

The first one hundred people to arrive received tickets that they could trade in for a furry companion that they would make themselves.

Others still showed off their musical talents with Karaoke.

Performances included the talented Yliana Hernandez, who sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, and Michael Lloret who rocked Justin Timberlake’s “Senorita.

The Rec Center team  succeeded at keeping the students safe, engaged, and amused.

Overall, the event was a enjoyed by all and the hope is that the tradition will continue for years to come.

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