P & J’s Café: a delicious alternative to Dansbury

P & J’s Café offers a restaurant-like feel. Photo Credit / Audra Organetti
P & J’s Café offers a restaurant-like feel.  Photo Credit / Audra Organetti
P & J’s Café offers a restaurant-like feel.
Photo Credit / Audra Organetti


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Stop the press! Hold the phones! You can really eat at P&J’s Café?! Yes, it is true! But how?

First, check your Warrior Notes, emailed to all members of the ESU community to check out the menu, as it changes weekly!

Then gather a group of friends who are tired of the food at Danbury (that should not be too hard) and make a reservation by emailing Dr. George Hendry at ghendry@esu.edu.

After the reservation is made, start collecting lose change because for $8 you are getting rolls, an appetizer, soup or salad, an entrée, drink, and dessert…and don’t forget a buck or two for tip!

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it.

P&J’s Café is located in the Keystone building, behind the Keystone room and above the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism management offices.

P&J’s café is a learning facility within the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management program offered at East Stroudsburg University.

Students in the HRTM program must take a course titled, Quantity Food Production and Service, where students are responsible for planning, preparing, and serving dinner.

By using the café for “front of house” experience and the kitchen for “back of house” experience students get a feel for what operating and managing a restaurant will be like.

P&J’s café is a non-profit, 30-seat learning laboratory, with emphasis on educational rather than business goals.

Meal service is provided to faculty, staff, students, and visitors with reservations.

P&J’s Café is open alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5pm, date of service will be included with the menu in Warrior Notes.

Next service date will be Tuesday February 18th 2014 and 5pm.

According to ESU’s website, “since its inception in 1980, the Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management Department’s philosophy has been to pursue a program of excellence. This philosophy is accompanied by a well-rounded program of instruction and by an elite group of faculty members, who have both academic credentials and successful careers as executives in hotels and restaurants, as well” sharing with students their knowledge and experience supplements the learning done in the classrooms.

Phyllis and Jerry Rubin also believed in ESU’s HRTM’s pursuit for a program of excellence and on November 19th 1991 P&J’s Cafe was named after Phyllis and Jerry, in honor of their continued support of East Stroudsburg University.

Next Tuesday or the following Wednesday, why not skip Dansbury and head over to P&J’s café for the best deal in town, all while supporting your peers on their pursuit to a successful careers as executives in hotels and restaurants.

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