Parent Problems: Three absences are not enough

Samantha Shilling with her son. Photo courtesy of Samantha Shilling
Samantha Shilling with her son. Photo courtesy of Samantha Shilling
Samantha Shilling with her son.
Photo courtesy of Samantha Shilling


SC Staff Writer

Although the mass majority of students here at ESU are young adults between the ages of 18-23, some students may be a little bit older with much more complicated lives.

Some students, like myself, have a lot more on their plates than trying to decide what bar to hit this weekend.

A handful of students may they be married or have families and young children.

How does ESU accommodate their students with families trying to better their children’s lives by finishing school?

Personally, as a young mother, I have felt alienated.

Sometimes it is hard for students with a family to adhere to the attendance policies set by professors.

When a child is sick and the daycare will not take them until they are better and you are a single mother, or even if you aren’t and your significant other works full time, how is it fair to be penalized regarding attendance because of a situation you have no control over?

If the daycare won’t take the child and you have no one to watch them, you have no choice but to stay home.

They can’t take care of themselves until your class is over.

The three absence attendance policy is just not enough.

We struggle enough with the deadlines for papers, tests, and endless reading assignments.

Parents don’t just come home from class and sit around until they decide their homework needs to be done.

As I am sure a lot of you know, a lot goes into running a household and caring for a child.

If I have a day where my laundry is not piled to the ceiling, the baby has been fed, and my assignments have been finished, it has been a good day.

I am not saying students with children deserve special treatment, but I strongly believe that the three absence attendance policy that is in place for a lot of classes should be followed a little less strictly for students with families.

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