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A great study abroad opportunity is available for all ESU students for the summer of 2014.

Last year Dr. Cem Zeytinoglu, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at ESU, planned a month long trip to Eskisehir, Turkey.

Because of low attendance the trip had to be cancelled but this year the trip is being planned to take place once again, and Dr. Zeytinoglu hopes that this time more students will take advantage of this great opportunity.

The dates for the month long trip are currently tentative.

Right now the plan is to leave on July 14, 2014 to fly to Istanbul.

The next day students will take a train or bus to Eskisehir.

They will be spending their time at Anadolu University.

During their time at the university, students will attend an orientation and be introduced to the area.

They will visit cities including Aizanoi, Midas City, Gordion, Ankara, Bursa (or Cappadocia), and Istanbul.

All of these trips will be included in the cost, and travel will be by bus or train.

There will be about three weeks of classes, in which students will take the Communication Studies course, Media Criticism (CMST 348).

This class will study different forms of cultural contexts in mass media, and will address how to investigate the media and politics—especially in reference to Turkish media.

The prerequisite for the course can be waived if needed, and since the course is a 300 level, it would count towards the thirty credits of upper level courses that all ESU students need to graduate.

The class will also include faculty participation from Anadolu University.

Since the University will also be holding summer sessions at the time of the trip, students will get to experience the true culture of the university.

Other international guests will also be there including students from the USA, and AU.

The trip has lots of history, culture, and education available.

The bus trips to many different cities include lots of visits to media sites, museums, and cultural and historic places.

In Ankara there may even be a possible meeting with some embassy media relations personnel.

While visiting Istanbul students will most likely be staying in hostels.

During the time in Eskisehir students will stay in aparts (apartments for two people), with families, or other students.

For students who want to travel, this is a great opportunity because you will not find a cheaper trip available.

Included in the $2,200 budget is airfare (both ways), food, transportation, attractions, hostel, and food while in Istanbul and Eskisehir.

However, tuition is not included.

For students who are worried about summer tuition, they can apply for financial aid.

However, since there is only one class provided, and it is through ESU, it should not scare students away.

For such a small amount of money students can experience travelling and studying abroad.

They will learn the culture and see many different historical and cultural sites. ESU and non-ESU students can apply.

The program is currently being approved and information sessions will be held soon by Dr. Zeytinoglu and Michael Laffey—Manager of International Study Programs.

For more information contact Michael Laffey by email at

You can also speak to Dr. Zeytinoglu from the Communication Studies department to get more information on Turkey.

“Study abroad experience is a life changing opportunity that expands one’s perspective and understanding about life, culture, and politics,” said Dr. Zeytinoglu.

“It is a great chance for a person to discover and truly understand oneself as he or she moves out of their comfort zones and enjoy new possibilities of relationships with others and novel engagements with new ideas, performances, and practices.”

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