Intramural sports at the Rec


SC Contributing Writer

Have you ever wanted to participate in a sport, but didn’t want to join a team?

Well, here at ESU you have that opportunity through many different methods through the Mattioli Recreation Center. The recreation center offers many different intramural sports throughout the course of the year and attracts many different people campus wide.

However, the recognition that our center does any of these intramural activities goes well unknown.

Everyone knows that East Stroudsburg has a baseball, football, basketball, and soccer teams but how many people truly know about the intramural sports such as hantis, wallyball, and handball?

Yes, they are real intramural sports offered here at ESU.

So what does the intramural aspect actually do? It helps engage students in on campus activities and lets those who are not on a school sport of function become part of a team.

The recreational center offers tennis, volleyball, softball, wiffleball, soccer (indoors and outdoors), basketball, flag football, and many more different types of intramural activities. Plus, the amount of people depends on the type of team you are creating.

For example in the spring, the recreational center usually offers softball as an intramural activity and for each team a minimum of eight people may participate with a max of 18 per team.

While the sports may not get enough recognition on campus, they still exist and are always looking for new members—not matter what your ability may be.

In the end, intramurals sports are an activity of which everyone can enjoy. They bring a sense of competition to non- ESU athletes and a sense of wanting to be part of a team.

The only problem is recognizing that the Mattioli Recreation center does in fact offer these events throughout the year and the turn up for the teams can be considerably low depending on which sport is being offered.

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