Sports clubs seek attention from ESU


SC Contributing Writer

As a member of East Stroudsburg University’s Men’s Lacrosse Club, I believe that club sports should gain more credit and support than they are given.

Many argue that club sports are not worth the time or money invested into them because they are glorified beer leagues that lack any organization.

However, I feel that the lack of coaches in many programs allows for student athletes to gain valuable leadership skills through teaching less experienced teammates the rules and techniques of the game.

This leads to more effective leaders on and off the field, which not only benefits our University but also our society as a whole.

I believe that with greater support including larger fan bases, continued administrative support, and a growing game, club sports can continue to have a place on college campuses across the country.

During my time at East Stroudsburg University I have spent time as a Club Sport student athlete and also as a regular student.

From this experience, I believe club sports create more motivated students who are better equipped to deal with the struggles of a fifteen-week semester.

We learn how to properly balance the work load that comes with being a full time student which is necessary to partake in a club sport, and to balance the time it takes to prepare for the sport whether it is going to games and practices or training and conditioning in the off season.

Although, some do abuse the excuse of being a student athlete, many people use the club sport level as a way to play a sport they love competitively without as large of a time commitment as a NCAA sport would take up.

I ask the students and faculty of East Stroudsburg University to take a greater interest in our club sport programs because they are beneficial to our students and university, and provide a great source of entertainment.

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