There’s an app for that


SC Contributing Writer

If you take a walk around East Stroudsburg University, you will most likely see students looking down at their phones while walking, sitting, eating, or doing just about anything.

What is so interesting on these phones that are keeping the glow on student’s faces alive?

With thousands of apps in the “smart” world to be downloaded, which apps should every college student have?

Heads Up is a hidden gem in the game app world.

Heads Up is a game created by talk show host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres that allows you to play with as many people as you wish.

It gives you choices from celebrities, to pretending like you are an animal. Once the player has picked a category he or she will place the smart phone on their forehead, where it will show the word, animal, person, or thing to his or her team. The teammates will then act out what it says on the phone, trying to help the person holding it figure out what it is.

One of the great features of this game is the fact that when people are acting, it records them on the camera so everyone could watch the silly acting, and then decide to post the video on Facebook.

Smart phones are not only for fun and games, they can be useful for school too.

Omni Study is an app specifically for college students. It is a virtual planner that will help students prioritize their homework and study tasks.

This app allows students to enter their classes, professors, and more. You are also able to set notification reminders for quizzes, projects or tests. Students can even see a trend of their grades graphed over time.

Do you remember learning about the stars and constellations in grade school? Or maybe you’re taking an Astronomy class here at ESU.

Night Sky is an app that uses GPS technology to show you where certain stars, constellations, planets, and galaxies are.

Once you download the app, just face it at the sky and you can see where everything is located.

If you are a gossip junkie and  want the scoop before all of your friends on Facebook or Twitter, Buzzfeed is the app for you.

You can customize your newsfeed so you don’t have to keep seeing stories about Justin Bieber over and over again.

You will be able to set up your Buzzfeed with information you want to read about and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

These apps are either fun or very useful. Althought they may not be as well known as some of the other apps everyone knows about, doesn’t mean they are useless.

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