Why choose ESU?

ESU campus might be the place for new students. Photo Credit / Brook Wadle
ESU campus might be the place for new students. Photo Credit / Brook Wadle
ESU campus might be the place for new students.
Photo Credit / Brook Wadle


SC Staff Writer

Deciding on a college to attend is a major decision in a young adult’s life.

During college many choose their careers, develop connections, and discover themselves.

There are many factors that play a key role in determining what school a student will select.

Many students say they did not choose ESU but rather ESU chose them.

When ultimately making ESU the college of choice, here was some of the most common reasons students share.

Small campus

Many students have claimed ESU’s small campus size is what won them over.

“ESU is the perfect size not too big or too small,” said April Jobst a junior.

The small campus makes it more convenient to walk the campus without the need for a car. ESU’s small campus helps create a community feeling to the atmosphere.

Campus Environment 

It was not just the small campus and beautiful scenery right outside of Stroud that drove many families in.

The community feel that ESU has is what attracted many students as well. The positive vibe can be felt in just visiting the campus.

“When I came on a tour everyone was so friendly and held the doors,” said Efia King a senior here at ESU.

Affordable Cost

When selecting any school, cost is a primary concern for students and parents as well. The high cost of schooling can cause an unwanted burden.

The affordable cost of tuition at ESU is what brought some students to the university.

Kimberly Jones a junior said, “Honestly my mom picked ESU because of the great cost, and now I love it here.” Other students who share a similar story attest to appreciating their parents encouraging them.


There are always different events and activities that students can participate in from a late night at the rec center to a candle-light visual.

There is something that each student can find to become involved in. Jackie Prestoy, who has been at ESU for three years, emphasized how the choir and musical plays won her over.

She said, “It was important for me to have solid opportunities in the performing arts when I got to college.”

Participating in them at ESU has helped further develop her skills and love for arts. No matter what the reason, we all share the same campus spirit.

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