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All over East Stroudsburg University, students are going to class, studying, and waiting for the dreaded winter to be over.

Winter brings snowstorms and ice storms and recently thunder snow which pushes us indoors to the point where we reach cabin fever.

We mercilessly try to find things to occupy our time indoors before we can venture back outside.

Look no further because we are bringing you an entertainment guide to get you through the next few weeks of winter:


Movies and TV Shows: 

Netflix or other forms of movie and show archives are your best friends during the cabin fever days.

They are easily downloadable onto your smart phone and include hours and hours of entertainment.

Top favorites include:

1. “Bates Motel—A very creepy TV series set as a prequel to the 1960s Hitckcock thriller, “Psycho.

The series depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother before the infamous shower scene.  All ten episodes are at your finger tips.

2. “Dexter”—Dexter Morgan is a forensics expert who is also a serial killer.

3. “Once Upon A Time”—A truly awesome, modern spin on classic fairy tales that will leave you up until 4 AM watching every episode you can find.

4. “The Breakfast Club”—A classic that encompasses the high school cliche of jocks, nerds, bad boys, and teen royalty in a movie that focuses on their differences how they can come together.

5. “The Day After Tomorrow”We can all relate to the freakish weather patterns the characters face.

Walking to class at ESU is basically the helicopter scene where the pilots venture out and instantly freeze.



My personal favorite form of entertainment is music and I am always itching for the newest singles and CDs.

Five that have comforted me through the chilly nights include:

1. Imagine Dragons—Not only is this Las Vegas band radio friendly with epic live performances that everyone can appreciate, they also bring a new sound with their debut album “Night Visions.”

All 13 songs will have you hitting repeat and by the time you emerge, it will be sunny.

2. Journey–Nothing is better then classic rock to make things entertaining.

Steve Perry reminds us to “Don’t Stop Believing” that winter is almost over.

3. Bob Marley & The Walkers—Their 12th album completely remastered with 16 songs to help with winter blues and remind us that there are places that are warm.

The sultry “No Woman, No Cry” and “One Love” round out the album to fit whatever mood you are feeling.

4. Crosses—An alternative band that has an electronic vibe with a Deftones feel as well. Truly atmospheric with such an intense sound that will have you googling tour dates.

5. Lindsey Stirling—Violist who turned the classical world upside down with her self-titled album released 2 years ago.

It is one of my favorite albums to listen to while studying and keeps me motivated until the last song plays.

So there you have it, a complete list composed by yours truly to help fight the winter blues.

If you yearn for more, feel free to email me!

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