Regan’s Remedies: February 27, 2014


SC Staff Writer

Mid terms are right around the corner, so it is time to break into the books and study hard.

In my experiences, I have always had different techniques for different subjects during my studies.

I have never had a problem studying for an English exam — since it is my major — but studying for another subject can be challenging.

Follow these few suggestions for studying and you will be sure to do well on your exams:

First, I highly suggest teaching yourself the content of your studies.

For example, if you are taking an exam in Biology and you have questions pertaining to the Krebs Cycle, you should teach someone else how it works.

By teaching someone else the content you’re expected to know for your exam, you reinforce what you’ve already learned through speaking, and are more likely to recall that information on the spot.

The more sense you use to study, the better.

It is rumored that chewing the same gum while studying and taking your exam enhances your memory — go figure.

Secondly, study groups are a must.

We all know that the Kemp library is the quietest place on campus.

Study groups are great for brainstorming new ideas about ways to study, content, and composition.

Also, they are a great way to make new study buddies and benefit your social skills.

Lastly, resort back to your best study skill, whether that be listening to music or in a quiet space.

After you pick which environment is best for you, branch off using new ideas for studying.

Generating new ideas will help you pick your study method.

Some people are really great with note cards; other students re-read and highlight their notes.

I really enjoy using word webs because I can branch my ideas off of one simple topic and test my knowledge.

All in all, every student has a different way to study.

Find your best way to study and actually study.

Just make sure to stay focused and tackle those exams in the next few weeks.

Good luck on your mid terms!

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