The Council of Trustees


SC Staff Writer

The Council of Trustees consists of 11 members who are appointed by the Pennsylvania State Governor. Two members must be East Stroudsburg University Alumni and there must be one undergraduate council member.

The State Senate must then confirm the Trustees before they assume their positions.  Only the undergraduate council member is exempt from a Senate Confirmation.

Trustees serve a six-year term that is extended until their successors are appointed and confirmed. This means a council member could serve for a few years after their term is up, before a successor is named and confirmed.

The undergraduate council member must be a full-time student in good academic standing with at least twelve semester hours at the time of appointment from the institution they will serve as trustee.

A state statute known as Act188 outlines the structure of the council’s responsibilities and duties verses the authority of the Board of Governors.

For example, the council does not set tuition but they can set local fees. The council approves the President’s budget before it goes to Harrisburg and the Board of Governors.

The council makes recommendations on appointment, retention, or dismissal of the University’s president. The council reviews and approves the President’s standards for admission, discipline, and expulsion of students. The council is responsible for approving the University’s academic programs.

These duties and responsibilities were established in 1982, when the State Senate and representatives drafted the Act that would establish the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE.)

Before the Act, each state institution acted on its own accord with little interaction with each other.  Act188 unified fourteen schools to create consistent and appropriate educational facilities and curriculum throughout the state.

“The chance to serve and give back to your Alma Mater is a most rewarding experience,” said Marcus Lingenfelter, member of the Council of Trustees and ESU class of ’95.

“When you’re asking someone to give their time and money to a University, you can’t just ask anyone.  You ask your alumni because they genuinely care,” said Lingenfelter.

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