ESU Welcomes All Time Low


SC Staff Writer

It is that time again when CAB presents the annual spring concert, and this year it is Maryland natives, All Time Low.

The concert is being held on March 24 and ESU students can purchase tickets for $10 — guests $15.

The four members formed the band back in 2003 with a pop punk feel that continues to develop over the years.

All Time Low have released 5 studio albums since 2005 and have traveled all over the world touring with different bands and conventions including Warped Tour and Bamboozle.

Students are also excited for the band to come visit and others are simply happy we have a concert.

I think All Time Low visiting our campus is a great way to improve overall moral because of losing A-Trak last semester. This band is upbeat and spunky and gives a chance for students to let off some steam during the demanding school days.

Personally, I have seen All Time Low numerous times and they always bring amazing energy wherever they perform. I will be purchasing my ticket for the show.

All Time Low orchestrates a good mix of pop punk along with slower melodies.

The first time I heard All Time Low was on the 2007 Warped Tour mixed CD with their song, “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” and then went and bought their album. Another favorite of mine is their slower song, “Remembering Sunday,” featuring a much younger Juliet Simms who was one of the finalists on The Voice in 2012.  The song is a comforting break from the high energy beats and I am hoping they fit it in there. Another song that I am hoping to hear is “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t),” because it has a catchy chorus and clap along parts for the crowd to participate.

Another awesome part is the ticket price for the event. Being a college student can be difficult with all the expenses so the low ticket prices are a plus. I can’t remember the last time I only had to pay ten bucks for a concert ticket. Even concert conventions can range from $40 to hundreds of dollars — a price that is definitely out of a college student’s budget.

So if you need something fun and cheap to do on March 24, grab your friends and your crumpled dollar bills and go see All Time Low!

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