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ESU senior Audra Organetti knows that spring break is the perfect time to get crafty. Photo Courtesy of Audra Organetti
ESU senior Audra Organetti knows that spring break is the perfect time to get crafty. Photo Courtesy of Audra Organetti
ESU senior Audra Organetti knows that spring break is the perfect time to get crafty.
Photo Courtesy of Audra Organetti


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It’s almost spring break– the time that all students have been waiting for since we got back from winter break. How exciting.

Even though it is not as long as winter break, spring break comes at a much needed time in the spring semester.

Spring break normally falls after mid-terms, which means the semester is halfway through and we are that much closer to our next epic summer.

Spring break is normally a time when students go away somewhere tropical– maybe to Cancun, or Florida.

For those of us who don’t do that, there are other opportunities to have fun.

Even though spring break is only a week long, a lot can be accomplished in a week.

For those of you who are extremely studious, maybe you use this week off to catch up, or get ahead, on school work.  While it is a great idea, most of us never actually do this.

Most of us would rather binge on Netflix or watch movies all week.  And hey, it is only a week, so who cares if you decide to be lazy for a while.

A week is a great time to catch up on a show you haven’t seen or start a new one that everyone has been talking about.

If you want to do something a little more active, grab some friends and go outdoors.

Normally, our break falls right around the time the weather starts warming up.

Take advantage of that warmth and go hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or just hang out at the park.  You can even go play some sports.

It is always a good thing to go out and be active. It makes you feel great and it’s always a good time.

If you want to do something more productive during your break, go volunteer somewhere.

A week is a great amount of time to get a taste of how it feels to help others.  Since the weather will be warming up, walking dogs at your local animal shelter would be a great use of your time.

If you don’t like animals, go to a retirement home and take a walk with someone who lives there, or go volunteer at your local soup kitchen. Volunteering will make you feel great.

Some people really want to travel on spring break.  If you’re one of those people, plan a trip to the city for the day with some friends.

You can catch a Megabus to almost any major city for as low as ten dollars.

Maybe spring break is the time to visit family or friends. If you have family who lives farther away, spring break is the perfect opportunity to visit them and take a mini vacation.

Atlantic City might just be the perfect mini getaway.

While you can’t lay out on the beach and swim in the water this time of year, the casino can be your fun alternative. You might even leave with a handful of cash.

If you don’t want to be outside or leave your house during your week off, there’s always time to get crafty.

Find a great idea on Pinterest and create your own.  Buying stuff to tie-dye is inexpensive and a great way to spend a few hours.

Buy some canvases and paint and make something to hang up on your walls.  Crafts also make a great gift for someone, so if you don’t want to make something for yourself, make it for someone else.

Although spring break is never long enough, it is a great time to relax, see friends, and do all the things that school keeps you from doing.

Whether you want to be outdoors, help others, or stay inside and watch TV, there’s plenty of things to do.

So let’s hope for warm weather and everyone enjoy their spring break!

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