Head over “Spike Heels”

Jannel Armstrong and Brandon Cabrera at ESU’s “Spike Heels” production. Photo Credit / Jamie Reese
Jannel Armstrong and Brandon Cabrera at ESU’s “Spike Heels” production. Photo Credit / Jamie Reese
Jannel Armstrong and Brandon Cabrera at ESU’s “Spike Heels” production.
Photo Credit / Jamie Reese


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The first week of March brought ESU a few days of funny and relatable situations from the Theater Department, as they performed “Spike Heels,” one of their spring productions this year.

Directed by Dr. Stephanie French and written by Theresa Rebeck—who has also written scripts for LA Law and NYPD Blue—the intent is to make this play as realistic as possible, with funny moments that are sarcastic and witty.

The play was performed from March 4-9 in a small room below the Fine Arts Building.  Rows of chairs set up in a circle gave the play an intimate feel and had the audience connect more with the actors.

The plot focused on four different people, Andrew, Georgie, Lydia and Edward, who were tangled up in a complicated love triangle in Boston — which brough out adult situations that the audience could relate to such as romantic relationships, sexual relationships and the tension between everyone as they try to figure out their conflicts between each other.

While only four actors performed in this play, a lot of work went into this performance in order to bring out human emotions that the audience could understand and relate to in their own lives.

“The actors have worked hard of course and we are all excited for their work to be seen by an audience,” said French.

The way the actors presented themselves kept the audience’s attention throughout the play, wondering what would happen next in between the scenes. However, as the play had adult situations and language, they had to perform their scenes in a professional manner and carry the important parts throughout the play.

Their costumes also gave off a professional air as most of the characters worked in law offices, but the main attraction of the actors’ costumes were Georgie’s heels.

Decked out in sparkles that caught the lights and at least four inches off the ground, the heels showed off the young woman’s beauty.

All the characters believe she is beautiful, and Andrew and Edward agree, but towards the end of the play they realize that the shoes hide Georgie’s true self, and she eventually realizes that as well.

Between the hours of rehearsals and the long week of performances, “Spike Heels grabbed the audience’s attention, but not without the hard work of the students and those who were involved behind the scenes.

Directing this play took a lot of hours, but Dr. French knows where to get the best ideas from.

“As a director, I believe in incorporating the best ideas from all the smart and creative people around me. I am very grateful to all of the people whose hard work and ideas have shaped this production,” she said.

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