Making your ESU memories last

Fond memories of your time at ESU will follow you through your life. Photo Credit / Samantha Swank
Fond memories of your time at ESU will follow you through your life. Photo Credit / Samantha Swank
Fond memories of your time at ESU will follow you through your life.
Photo Credit / Samantha Swank


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As a college student, you will create many moments that will remain. College is a place where many unforgettable bonds will be established.

Building memories in college is just as important as having a good GPA. After all, what would college be without the memories?

Being a student here at ESU, I have had the wonderful opportunity of creating many memorable moments.

The experience as a whole for the past three years has been an unforgettable journey. Out of all the moments there are a few that stood out the most.

Getting Lost on Campus

I am sure that everyone can attest to getting lost at some point while walking on campus.

Upon first coming to ESU, many of the buildings looked the same. I can recount many times I’ve gotten lost trying to make it to class.

Additionally, there were occasions where I found myself lost inside the building. We all remember the one student who comes to the wrong class on the first day.

I have been the guilty culprit a few times in that department. After learning the campus, maneuvering about became a breeze.

I have now had the pleasure of assisting others around the campus when they were lost.

Failing Exams

Many students get worked up at the thought of taking the first exam for a class. During freshman year, I remember studying really hard for my history exam.

When it came time to take the exam, nerves got the best of me and I forgot the material I studied. After receiving the results back, I was disappointed.

My grade did not reflect my study efforts. This was so memorable because I had not failed a test before.

After learning the professor’s style of testing, I was able to do great in the class. So for anyone who may be having trouble in a class don’t give up!

You can still improve. If I did it, so can you.

Football games

The school spirit was so lively when I attended my first football game here at ESU. A sea of red and white filled the bleachers.

The crowd was excited cheering the Warriors on. The weather was brisk, but the spirits were still high.

Our school band did a great job during halftime. Attending the first game allowed me to see how unified ESU becomes in supporting their team.

Everyone shared in the same excitement on that unforgettable day.

Party at ESU

By far one of the most memorable moments I have had as a college student is the first party at ESU.

As a freshman you can’t wait to get that party out of your system. Everyone is so excited to dress up, socialize with friends, and meet new people.

My first party at ESU was a traffic light party where everyone dressed in red, yellow, or green to signify their relationship status.

The party was a blast, definitely one for the books.

College will be filled of many memories, whether they are fun-filled or more serious. Memories are what help to shape our life story.

So while you work on getting the GPA you want, be sure to create memories with your close friends during your journey here at the university!

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