Men’s Volleyball: Great Expectations


SC Contributing Writer

East Stroudsburg Men’s Volleyball Club entered the 2013 season with the talent that would warrant high expectations, but their final record didn’t match the skilled players on the court.

Senior John Mieczkowski ascribed the team’s struggle to numerous issues.

“We couldn’t put it together.  We couldn’t close.  We would go up in a game, and then we would mess something up. The whole team would lose focus then,” Mieczkowski said.

The Warriors had a new look with key additions such as Jordan Bair and Christopher Foss.  Mieczkowski complimented his new teammates and their performance.

“Jordan has great raw power and Chris is one of the best setters that we had in years and is always open to suggestions,” he said.

“Last year we lacked chemistry but this year is just more time that we have playing together,” he said.

“We have our core guys back with Chad Pezoldt, Greg Warmkess, Michael Caffery, Tim Gribb and Doug Barriner so we are familiar with each other’s playing style, and on a personal level we are all friends so that could only help,” he added.

With the improving familiarity, the team can also run a more organized offense.

“Instead of just going through the motions on offense, we can actually run more set plays since we also have an experienced setter,” said Mieczkowski.

Like any other team, the Warriors have weaknesses that need improvement, as Mieczkowski noted.

“Defensively we have to pass better, block better and we need to improve our serve receive game,” he said.

But with strong performances by ESU against both Rutgers (25 to 10, 25 to 22, 25 to 22) and Scranton (25 to 17, 25 to 15, 25 to 14), their deficiencies seem to be masked or solved.

The Warriors Men’s Volleyball Club’s expectations are rising, so more attention is being paid to top teams in their conference with hopes of overtaking them.

Opposing teams like Lehigh and Stevens, and out-of-conference teams such as Princeton should test ESU on the path to a post season run.

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