SPRING BREAK: Expectations vs. Realities


Managing Editor

It’s our favorite week of the year. We look forward to it. We make big plans for it.

And guess what? It begins tomorrow.

We only get four (or five) of them in our college careers, so there really isn’t any other option but to live them up.

But, let’s be honest — there’s a huge difference between the expectations we have for our ever-too-short spring breaks, and the reality of our actions during those ever-too-short spring breaks.



Expectation: From brilliant screen shots on MTV to horror stories about tiny hotel rooms shared by 10 girls, we all expect to spend our spring breaks partying it up on a beach in a tropical location. It’s what Hollywood tells us we’re supposed to do.

Reality: Unless you’re living off of a trust fund from mommy and daddy, your spring break is spent at home shivering under blankets and hoping for one nice day. Hollywood lied.



Expectation: At least if you’re stuck at home, you’re going to go out. There are a ton of local parties/bars to go to, and you’re not missing out on them — and the chance for a week-long romance with that good-looking guy from high school. Might as well give it a chance.

Reality: The motivation to dress in more than sweatpants and a T-shirt completely escapes you, so you spend the majority of your day clearing out your TiVo and catching up on Netflix. You were never really into that guy anyway.



Expectation: Since you’ve spent so many weeks getting up for that 8 AM class, you’re going to take advantage of your free time and sleep until at least noon. Everyday.

Reality: This concept goes out the window on day one when your dog bursts into your room at 6:30 and your mom shouts from downstairs that breakfast is ready. No rest for the weary.



Expectation: Swimsuit season’s coming, so getting back on your diet and back to the gym is definitely your first priority after all those pierogies at Late Nite in Dansbury. You’re going to work out every day for at least an hour.

Reality: The first taco night at your aunt’s house blows the healthy diet so you resolve to make it to the gym tomorrow — or the next day. Really, the couch is so comfortable, and you’re totally going to walk the campus some more now that the weather is getting nicer. Probably.



Expectation: Since you’re going to be putting so many extra hours in at work with all the free time that your lack of classes gives you, you’re going to have to spend all that cash somewhere. So, you plan a shopping trip that will help you catch up on all those new trends you haven’t been following.

Reality: You make 8 bucks an hour and can literally only afford to feed yourself during your lunch breaks. You are a college student after all.



Expectation: Without travelling, partying, sleeping, or shopping, at least you’ll have time to get a head start on all those final papers that will inevitably catch up to you as the semester comes to a close. You’re going to get so much homework done.

Reality: You are the Queen of Procrastinationland. You can’t possibly do homework this far away from the deadline. You only live once — better live it up.


It’s okay. Your spring break is your own, and for some of you it may be your last.

Save the “get up and go” for after graduation when you have to work at one of those “job” things that everyone keeps talking about.

For now, take advantage of this free time while it lasts because your 30-year-old self will look back fondly on the time — and probably thank you. Maybe. It depends.

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