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On April 6, Daria Wielebinski of ESU’s Career Development Center held a presentation about job search skills as a part of the 2014 Success Series.

The workshop, which lasted one hour, included information about the Career Development Center, creating a strategic job search plan, standing out to employers, search habits, and interview tips.

Wielebinski said, “The job hunt goes beyond the physical search and application process.”

She discussed the growing importance of social media to employers and stated that on LinkedIn alone, 96% of employers are searching, 94% are contacting, 92% are vetting, and 93% are “keeping tabs” on candidates.

In addition to creating a professional social media presence, Wielebinski said that Google has “replaced the resume,” meaning that recruiters are now searching Google to find talent and screen candidates. According to the Career Development Center, “Googling” yourself is a good first step in your job search.

Wielebinski discussed nine more truths about today’s job search, including keeping your resume brief — as 30 seconds is the typical time span spent looking over it — having personal social proof and testimonials, creating relationships with prospective employers first, and developing and maintaining your own personal brand.

Each tip focused on ways to stand out to employers and to avoid common mistakes that will set you back in the job search.

For example, your brand is a tool or device that is represented in your resume and your online presence, and one that sets you apart from other candidates.

“To really shine, focus on customizing each resume and cover letter. It’s better to send off a few very targeted applications than to spray and pray,” said Wielebinki.

Later in the workshop, the topic focused on creating a strategic plan for your personal job search, which involves focusing on and defining your talents and creating a mission statement based on them, and setting forth a plan of action.

Ways to take action include optimizing your LinkedIn profile, as 95% of companies will view your profile, and distribute your resume on niche job boards, to recruiters, and by direct contact through networking and direct mail letters.

Wielebinski offered tips to stand out to employees. She said that demonstrating what you can do for the company, knowing the company and its goals, and proving your seriousness with a personal website, including personal reviews, all help create a strong image of your talents and credibility.

The workshop concluded with a summary that reminded students to set clear expectations, consider a multitude of options, build a strong online presence through LinkedIn, and to never give up hope.

Students were given the PowerPoint notes from the workshop, as well as free sample cover letters and resumes, a list of action verbs for resumes and professional profiles, and tips about the ‘elevator pitch’.

Wielebinski said that the change of names from “Career Services Center” to “Career Development Center” has allowed the center to offer a wider variety of services.

She encourages students to visit the center from the time they enter the University until graduation to take advantage of the free services.

The Career Development Center offers students free opportunities to speak and train with Career Counselors about a variety of topics, including resumes, applications, cover letters, interview preparation, internships, graduate school, and job targeting.

Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 4:30 by appointment and by drop-in hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:00, the Career Development Center is located on the top floor of the University Center.

To make an appointment, call 570-422-3219, or email

To register for a Success Series Workshop, visit

The workshops in March and April include topics such as interviewing skills, social media, evaluating job offers, and social networking.

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