Bar Crawls

Student-bar-crawl-USE2BY CRYSTAL SMITH

SC Staff Writer

Here at East Stroudsburg University, bar crawls are a thing every graduating senior looks forward to.

Bar crawls at ESU commonly take place right before the end of spring semester because it is often the last “hoorah” of college. Each academic major usually organizes their own event.

The name is derived from the inability to walk due to the intake of alcohol so the participate is forced to “crawl” home.

The purpose of a bar crawl is to come together as students and visit as many different bars or pubs in a single night.

The goal of a bar crawl is to have at least one beer, shot, or drink at each bar.

Taking a look back over the semesters, students usually make Facebook groups for students join and send out tweets to keep everyone informed on the event.

Last semester, ESU History Club advertised on their Facebook the date and time of their crawl and had their own t-shirts made with President Lincoln in a pair of sunglasses.

ESU Computer Science majors also had their own T-shirts made with the names of the bars and the itinaray written in binary code.

ESU English majors have put together several of their own crawls as well.

Bars and pubs appreciate he business that students bring by having one last outing before heading home for the summer.

Michael Tedino, employee of Trackside Station Grill & Bar in East Stroudsburg enjoys that ESU students have his place of work on the list.

“All bar crawls are for good causes and bring people together,” sais Tedino. “It gives them an opportunity to enjoy the town and we love having ESU students come in.”

ESU English professor Dr. Holly Wells also supports the idea of bar crawls and bonding with responsibility.

“If they help bond the students as a cohort and everyone’s careful and responsible, then maybe they could be a fun part of college,” said Wells.

If you are interested in your majors bar crawl, keep a look out on your social media. Adding your majors’ clubs on Facebook is also a sure way to keep in the loop about all the festivities.

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