Regan’s Remedies: March 27, 2014


SC Staff Writer

Graduation is looming, and even freshman should remember to look forward to the day—afterall, it is the ultimate goal of being in college.

And with graduation comes the inevitable task of finding a job.

It is completely normal to worry about where you will go after you graduate from ESU.

Trust me, I’ve changed my major, transferred schools, taken plenty of electives related to my major, and I still cannot decide what exactly I’m doing with my degree after December.

We are the next generation of CEO’s, Hollywood movie stars, published novelists, political figures, and so much more. It may be hard to imagine yourself in one of these roles, but it is the inevitable truth.

Everyone has their place in this world; you’re just trying to figure out your niche.

For most students, loans are going to catch up with them six months post-graduation. In that allotted time, I advise you do a few things.

First, I advise you to do some traveling. Unless you live in a big city, the jobs will be scarce in your small hometown.

Traveling is a great way to expand your horizons and figure out who you really are. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring a new city is not only rewarding, but it is fun — and it just may help you zero in on your job hunt.

Second, you should make sure your resume says everything you want it to say about yourself and more. Although a piece of paper cannot literally speak for you, a resume is the first document a business wants to see.

If you’ve done a lot through college and have experience in your field, your perfect job is only going to desire you for their company even more.

Last, I advise you to enjoy yourself. You’ve completed a Bachelor’s degree. Go out and do something you’ve been wanting to check off from your bucket list.

You probably will never have to do another algebra problem or write another five page essay.

A huge weight is now off your shoulders.

Do not get yourself all up-in-arms about finding yourself in the real world.

Chances are, someone or something is already looking for you.

Go skydiving, tour Europe, take advantage of your free time  and go have some fun!

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