Self-published author T.M. Brown visits ESU

Students and staff gather around author T.M. Brown. Photo Credit / Jenny Bront
Students and staff gather around author T.M. Brown. Photo Credit / Jenny Bront
Students and staff gather around author T.M. Brown.
Photo Credit / Jenny Bront


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The start of Women’s History Month was celebrated at East Stroudsburg University when self-made author T.M. Brown visited the campus on March 11, 2014.

With her, Brown brought the newest addition to her self-published library, “Struggles of the Women Folk.”

Brown was raised in Baltimore City, Maryland by her grandparents.  Her grandmother provided many gems of the inspiration that contributed to her latest book.

Most of the stories were based on a mixture of old tales her grandmother used to tell and the characters developed themselves in her mind.

But being an author wasn’t always in the cards for Brown.

The writer has a Master of Science Degree in System Engineering from Regis University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland.

She was employed as a Senior Human Factors Engineer for 18+ years at Fortune 500 Research Design and Development Corporation.

Brown also enlisted in the military for seven years.

Her first book, “A Life Not My Own,” is about sharing her true story with her fans.

She published a five star short story in  “Just Between Us- Inspiring Stories Women by Women.”

Her second book, “Struggles of the Woman Folk,” follows Georgie in 1940’s rural Virginia and tells of her trials and tribulations as she struggles with life as an African American woman.

Writing was an outlet for Brown.

With so many experiences and stories in her soul, writing gave her a chance to share her voice.

“I wrote to help get through my life,” said Brown.

“I hid a lot of stuff under the rug and this was a chance to share my story.”

Brown brought with her several autographed copies of her book to give to students.

During her time at ESU, the internationally recognized author provided our staff and students the chance to read her words aloud and discuss the meaning behind the story.

The readings provided a way for women to talk about both past and current issues–  issues such as rape and mental illness were discussed

As a self-publisher, T.M. Brown provided future writers with advice.

Brown got involved in publishing when she received an email for an advertisement to self-publish.

If anyone wants to self-publishing, she advises to do the research and maintain control.

She also suggests that if you want to write, just write.

“If an idea comes to you just write,” said Brown.

Hear more of her story on April 23 when Brown makes her way back to East Stroudsburg.

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