The truth about the job search


SC Staff Writer

If you’re graduating this year, the odds of landing a job after graduation may be in your favor.

Hiring is expected to rise nearly eight percent this year, with a higher demand for students with bachelor degrees in fields including communications, sciences, business, engineering, and computer/information sciences, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

However, according to Kelly HeyBoer from The Star Ledger, graduates won’t win without a struggle.

She says, “Even if hiring is up this year, the competition to get jobs at top companies could be difficult.”

Even if hiring rates are rising as expected, you can never make yourself too prepared and it’s never too late to add some credentials and experience to your resume to put yourself ahead of the competition.

Placing your updated, perfected resume onto a job board specific to your field is a great place to start putting your unique skillset on the market for potential employers to view.

In addition to posting your resume on job boards, a more active approach involves sending your resume directly to the HR department at a specific company and/or applying for an open position. This shows the employer that you sought out the job and already know the requirements and duties that it will entail.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t land the position you’ve always wanted immediately after graduation.

There are other options that will put you at higher odds in the job market, such as obtaining an internship.

Even if you already had multiple internships in your field, every additional internship will provide new experiences, education, and possibly open the door for a more permanent position down the road.

Additionally, don’t let yourself believe that every internship is an opportunity for an employer to take advantage of you. While many internships are unpaid, there are also plenty of companies that offer excellent pay and perks to their interns.

Apple, according to Lydia O’Connor of the Huffington Post, offers around $5,700 as a monthly base rate, free housing and meals, and benefits including health insurance and gym memberships.

Although the chances of landing internships in companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, EBay, and Google are slim, there are plenty of smaller opportunities available to get your foot in the door.

Stay focused in your job search and don’t let rejection discourage you because it is inevitable.

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