All Time Low rocks the rec

All Time Low performed at Mattioli Recreation Center last Thursday. Photo Credit / Abigail Dobrowolski
All Time Low performed at Mattioli Recreation Center last Thursday. Photo Credit / Abigail Dobrowolski
All Time Low performed at Mattioli Recreation Center last Thursday.
Photo Credit / Abigail Dobrowolski

By Crystal Smith

SC Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 27, All Time Low performed at the Mattioli Recreation Center here at ESU.

After a quick stage change from the opening act, the lights went down and the crowd quickly responded with cheers and cameras flashing.

The speakers blared with “Do You Want Me (Dead?)” as the opening song and the floor opened up to crowd surfers and a circle pit for a short time.

Lead singer of All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth, told the audience that this was their first show back in the United States since their 5 week tour overseas and the fans responded with cheers.

The Maryland natives continued their set with “Break Your Little Heart,” “Lost in Stereo,” and “Vegas.”

The band also played one of their favorite songs, “Guts.”

Guts” has a catchy refrain as well as a positive message about having the guts to stand up for yourself.

After an amazing and fact-paced opening set, Gaskarth slowed things down with a few acoustic songs that made the fan’s hearts melt.

“Remembering Sunday” guitar strums rang off the walls and the duet between the crowd and Gaskarth was enchanting.

Gaskarth unplugged for an acoustic version of “Therapy” before the rest of the band rejoined them onstage for “Time Bomb.” 

Before playing “Time Bomb,” the band asked for three fans to join them onstage to help sing out the lyrics.

The three participants, Josh, Becky, and Maddy, anxiously grabbed their microphones and gave the rockstar life a shot. They each jumped all over stage bouncing in between the members and singing along with the band.

All Time Low continued their set with “Backseat Serenade” and “Oh, Calamity.” 

They also hinted at an encore after their last song—the crowd’s excitement rose to an all time high.

The lights went down and the band disappeared behind curtains while the crowd chanted encore until they saw the silhouette of each of the members making their way back on stage with instruments and drum sticks in hand.

The band’s three song encore began with “The Reckless and the Brave” and continued with “A Love Like War” and ended the night with their smash “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” 

Overall, the fans were delighted with the ESU Spring concert featuring All Time Low.

Concert goer Carissa Rivera said, “I have been listening to All Time Low for years and have seen them countless times and they always put on an amazing show. I am so happy CAB chose them to perform this year.”

Opening act The Big Time hit the stage when the lights went down.

Brook Wadle has no doubt The Big Time brought the energy.

“I feel like they could make it big because they have such a good stage presence,” said Wadle.

They played their original songs and a few covers including Vanessa Carlton’s smash hit “A Thousand Miles.

The Big Time is originally from Altoona, PA and has already released three studio albums since forming in 2009.

They released their newest album in April 2013 —“Dreamers and Believers.” 

With over 7,000 likes on Facebook, the band has a steady following because of their tireless efforts and persistent work ethic.

Recently, The Big Time has created a fundraiser called “Indiegogo” to help raise money to help fund making another album and make it in the industry ‘big time.’

The crowd responded well to The Big Time but the anticipation for All Time Low was growing with each song.

All Time Low is known for entertaining their fans year after year and it is no surprise they did it again at last week’s show here at ESU.

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