Election results oust Amann

Amann vs. Burgy, how did you vote? Photo Credit / The Stroud Courier
Amann vs. Burgy, how did you vote? Photo Credit / The Stroud Courier
Amann vs. Burgy, how did you vote?
Photo Credit / The Stroud Courier

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By A Not-So-Surprised Stroud Courier Editor

Early election results show, although he ran unopposed, Student Senate President Justin Amann will not be returning to his position this fall.

Amann lost the election due to write in ballots that elected ESU mascot Burgy instead.

The election results showed a surge in voting to nearly five thousand students, and all but two hundred students chose to elect Burgy for president.

“I’m glad to see the student body turn out for the election, though I don’t understand why they decided to relieve such a wonderful young man a position where he has shined this academic year,” said President Welsh in response to the election results.

A website encouraging students to write in Burgy for student senate president was established early in March.

“We believe that Student Senate President Justin Amann is a corrupt pawn of ESU’s administration and should be ousted as Student Senate President for next year,” read the website.

“We encourage the student body to show up for election day and write in Burgy for President. Having no president is better than having Justin Amann as president,” the website continued.

The website’s creators are anonymous, though rumors speculate that the origin may be the student senate itself.

Just in case the website wasn’t effective, the creators also started a social media campaign using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“We WON!” declared the anti-Amann website following the release of the election results Tuesday.

Attacks on Amann’s character began early in his term when he sent a campus-wide email encouraging students to not discuss the issue of retrenchment in the classroom.

The email, regarded as a move to silence the student body by some, led to a silent protest in the fall.

Amann’s character was once again called into question when he was implicated in the Chris Christie bridge scandal as the mastermind.

“I don’t know why I’ve fallen under attack,” said Amann in response to the results. “I’ve done everything I could to support the community here at my beloved ESU. Electing a mascot won’t change anything. At least I’ve tried to advocate for the students.”

Burgy arrived on the scene with a progressive agenda.

“My first act as Student Senate President will be to petition the university for cosmetic surgery. I would like a bushy squirrel tail,” said Burgy.

Despite the budget shortfalls the university and Student Activity Association face, Burgy wants to make a transition into a Warrior Squirrel.

“The initial cost of this surgery is great, but the end result could potentially create revenue for the university,” said Vice President of Administration and Fincance, Kenneth Long.

A recent study conducted by the Stroud Courier shows the tranistion of Burgy from a bear to a squirrel should increase enrollment by over 20 percent.

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