Late Nite talent: Scott Celani

By Jenny Bront

SC Staff Writer

Dansbury’s Tuesday talent came from a one-man musical act, Scott Celani, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and promoter.

His smooth country-style voice was like a cool, refreshing drink of water.

Covering popular songs and presenting his own original work, Celani did not need anyone else to bring a complete sound. Utilizing acoustic music, his songs and performances were smooth, simple, and soulful.

Celani gave away free CDs, only asking that students follow him on social media.

Although Celani has played guitar from an early age, he never thought he could have a career in music.

This attitude changed when he worked with world-renowned vocal coach Jan Smith, who worked with famous artists such as Usher and Justin Bieber.  She gave him the confidence to share his talent.

His song choices vary from classics to more popular contemporary works.

From The Beatles to Bruno Mars, Celani finds inspiration from many sources.

He especially considers James Taylor, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, and Tom Petty as his musical idols.

Though he loves all music, his favorite song to sing is “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz.  Other covers included “Wonderwall” by Oasis, “What I Got” by Sublime, “Folsom Prison” by Johnny Cash, and “How to Save a Life” by The Fray.

Original songs played were “Saturday,” “Delhi,” “I’ll Call You Back,” and “Give it All,” a song sung by Celani’s band “Southtowner,” which takes influence from country and classical music.

For future musicians, the guitarist recommends to hone your craft as much as you can and think about what you wan to do, the kind of music you want to play.

“Don’t get discouraged,” said Celani.

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