Reality Checklist for Seniors

red-checkmarkBy Ayana Jones

SC Staff Writer

Can you believe it? The end of the semester is near, and for some, it is their last.

Seniors — four years have passed and you have finally reached the end of the road (for college that is).

There are many more opportunities awaiting you. You have created many special memories and hopefully some bonds that may last a lifetime. The time spent in college truly flies by.

Many students cannot wait to walk across the stage to get their diploma in May.

With April now before us, the time for graduation will be here in the blink of an eye.

As you prepare yourself for the next steps to graduate, you want to make sure everything is in order.

Here is a checklist to helpmap out your aid the end of your journey as an undergraduate.

Plan for the next step

As many students have probably already done so, it is important to plan for the next phase of your life; the real world will be welcoming you in soon.

After college, for many comes career work. If you have not already, apply to intern at a place you may prospectively be interested in working.

If you are undecided about life after undergrad, do not stress. Many people are experiencing the same feelings you are.

In the meantime, apply for summer employment while you spend time figuring out the next step.

Avoid Senioritis

In addition to catching spring fever, you want to be sure to avoid getting senioritis.

In the final month of the semester, be sure to keep your efforts going. In just a month, you will not have to worry about being a student anymore. Do notslack off.

Shake off any feelings of laziness that may arrive. Retaking a class is probably not a part of your senior year agenda. Finish the end strong using fervent effort.

Live it up

As the time narrows in, your mind is probably in constant rush at the thought of entering the adult world.

Just relax, everything will fall into place. It is natural to spend a lot of time thinking about your future plans, but be sure to live up the rest of your time as an undergrad. Make some more memories before you head off to pursue future endeavors.

As you move on to life beyond ESU, make your final moments count the most.

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