What ESU students want, ESU students get

Students lined up in front of the Rec dressed to the nines in EDM garb. Photo Credit / A Talented Editor
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Students lined up in front of the Rec dressed to the nines in EDM garb.
Photo Credit / A Talented Editor

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 Someone Who Really Only Enjoys Boy Bands

The Mattioli Recreation Center hosted All Time Low last week as the spring concert for ESU students.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hoped that this event would bring a different type of ESU student, but echoes of Barstool Blackout and the Sherman Theater were present.

You can take ESU students out of Barstool, but you can’t take Barstool out of ESU, apparently.

As the show was set to begin, crowds dressed in neon and white lined outside the Rec, insisting on having an Electronic Dance Movement (EDM) event no matter what band was playing.

“It’s been weeks since Barstool was here,” said Molly Poppins, an ESU junior. “So we all got together and decided that we were going to have a good time no matter what band was here.”

Though this explained the ticket surge, it was a surprise to CAB since the same didn’t happen in the fall.

The fall concert was supposed to be A-Trak, an EDM DJ, but was cancelled due to low ticket sales.

“I really don’t know why ESU didn’t sell out of the A-Trak show in the fall,” said a representative from CAB. “We tried to give the student body what they wanted, but they just didn’t show.”

As the All Time Low show began, those that insisted on an EDM show began dubstepping instead of crowd surfing.

There were also several incidents of silly string deployments.

“The silly string was as close as we could get to foam,” said Poppins.

As the producers of the show began to catch on the the desires of the crowd, they instituted a strobe effect to the show’s light production and eliminated the normal rock band look.

All Time Low members seemed confused about the direction the show was going, but at some point they were alerted to ESU’s ranking by Barstool and they decided to play along.

“When All Time Low picked up the pace of the music and brought the DJ out on the stage, it was epic,” said Poppins.

Instead of finishing with their usual pop punk hits like “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and “Vegas,” All Time Low shocked and pleased the crowd with their own rendition of “Let Me Take a Selfie” and “Cinema.”

This reporter was disappointed that they didn’t happen to cover a Backstreet Boys song. A little “I Want it That Way” never hurt anybody, and there is a dub-step version.

All in all, All Time Low’s appearance and cooperation at ESU’s spring concert was enjoyed by all.

“We plan to ask them to return again in the fall and play their real show,” said Student Senate President Justin Amann. “Hopefully, Barstool will wear off by then.”

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