What’s up with the potholes?

By Samantha Shilling

SC Contributing Writer 

Winter has come, and hopefully gone, but it has left us with the aftermath.

Unfortunately, that means tires are popping and rims bending.

Yes, folks, pothole season is here!

Monroe County has definitely been slacking in terms of fixing the holes in the roads.

Many are experiencing the frustration that comes with popping a tire on your way to school or work.

If the potholes are so bad, why has the township neglected to fix them?

I talked to resident and ESU student Brandon Thomas, a sophomore Computer Science major, to find out what he thought about the issue.

“I personally haven’t had any damage done to my car because I do my best to avoid the potholes and road damage, but I do know a lot of people who have had damage done” he said.

“My boss blew out both axels on the front of his car from hitting a pothole that cost him a significant amount of money.”

When asked what the township should do about the roads, Thomas stated “as of right now I do not think there is much action the township can take. Basically we have to try out best to avoid the potholes” and suggested the township wait until winter is completely over to start working on the roads.

Yes, potholes are a nuisance, but are they really that dangerous to commuters?

Do potholes make the roads unsafe overall?

When faced with this question, Thomas stated that he would “not consider the roads safe. With caution, the roads are doable.”

Unfortunately, pot holes in certain places are causing accidents due to stopped cars in turns with blind spots.

Monroe County has a lot of great things about it, but sadly road maintenance is not one of its strong suits.

When faced with hazardous road conditions, whether they be pot holes or snow, make sure that you are paying attention at all times and avoid as many pot holes as possible!

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