Are you ready for life after graduation?

By Caitlin Hoffman

SC Contributing Writer

Are you ready for the hot seat? The Career Development Center will host “Do You Want to be Hired?” a live, interactive interview event that will be held in the Keystone Room on April 15 from 5 PM to 6:30 PM.

The event will target characteristics students should be mindful of before they step into the office. They can expect to get an idea of the types of questions asked, the dress code for the interview, the timeliness and preciseness of answer responses, how other students battle nervous pressure and how  some resumes stand out.

“This is a fun learning experience with your peers. Experience a ‘mock interview’ to gain opportunities and get the job you want! You are the solution. You are unique. Know how to sell yourself in the interview,” said Daria Wielebinski, the Director of the Career Development Center.

This event will star two business management students, Bryan Thomson and Chelsea Wotten, and two exercise science majors, Morgan Kingsbauer and Beth Mayer.

“I am looking forward to this event and feel that it will be a great way to showcase the interview process in an interactive, creative and fun way!” said Mayer.

The judges who will determine the best candidate are Justin Amann, President of the Student Senate, Joseph Knorr, ESU’s Barnes & Noble general manager, Joe Ackob, the Director of the Recreation Center, Kathleen McBride, the Brooks Brothers store manager, Dr. Brad Seid, professor of Recreation Services Management and Miguel Barbosa, the Chief of Staff of the President’s office.

Thomson believes students cannot prepare enough to be confident they will land the job. It takes preparation to develop the skills interviewers are looking for that will convince them to make an offer.

“The interview process is rapidly approaching for seniors and this event eases the transition into real world interviews. The people at Career Development offer many tips and knowledge on how to succeed in these interviews,” said Thomson.

A job interview preparatory source,, found out what employers look for — about 36 percent look for multitasking skills, 31 percent look for initiative, 21 percent look for creative thinking and 12 percent look for something else in the candidate before making an offer.

Trends in employment show jobs are generally becoming scarcer. The Center for College Affordability and Productivity published research on January 28, 2013 that speculated “the number of college graduates will grow by 19 million between 2010 and 2020, while the number of jobs requiring that education is expected to grow by less than 7 million.”

As the job market becomes more demanding, students might want to seek professional help to develop their marketability. Any student interested in learning more about interviews, resumes and professionalism can find help at the Career Development Center on the second floor of the Student University Center.

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